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5 - 15 Horsepower

UP- Series 5-15 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressors—The 5-15HP UP Series rotary screw compressors provide “best in class” performance in rotary screw technology.  Each compressor package comes standard with 230/460-3-60 ODP electric motor, air-cooled aftercooler to reduce discharge air temperatures, full voltage motor starter  mounted and wired (wired for 230-3-60 voltage standard), dual control (AS&S and constant speed control), low sound/ full sheet metal enclosure, package pre-filter, 8000-hour rated Ultra coolant, spin-on oil filter and separator element, A.S.M.E. coded horizontal receiver tank (tank mounted units only) with manual drain, and NEMA-1 electrical protection.

UP6S- Series 15 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor — Offering the same reliability you’ve come to expect, the well-equipped Ingersoll Rand UP6S Series of oil-flooded rotary screw compressors has now raised the bar in functionality, performance upgrades and improved intelligence. We have designed a complete air solution that captures more information and puts more control into your hands. With greater control comes greater effectiveness.

UP- Series 5-15 HP “Total Air System”—Looking to save space and installation costs?  Consider the Small UP 5-15 HP “Total Air System” (TAS) packages as an innovative solution for your customer’s needs.  TAS packages come standard with “Energy Star” cycling refrigerated air dryer with stainless steel heat exchanger, integrated compressor and dryer controls for optimum operation, panel mounted dew point indicator, dual filters (both pre and after) mounted and piped, single point condensate drain system with electric drain (115-volt), and high efficiency moisture separator.

Standard Nirvana Offering

• No belts, sheaves, or alignment related issues

• Low sound enclosure (68 - 72 dBA)

• Integrated modular airend with duplex tapered roller bearings

• "Spin-On/ Spin-Off" oil filter and separator cartridge

• Integrated Intelli-Drive NEMA 4 motor and VFD drive

• Variable speed or Fixed Speed operation

• VFD standard with selectable automatic start & stop

• Air-Cooled design with 104 degrees F ambient continuous-duty rating

• Baseplate-Mounted

• Motor mounted blower cooling -- No fan motor!

• Ultra Plus coolant with 2000 Hour Service Schedule

• “Service-Tech-On-Board" service and maintenance electronic indicator

• 8000 hour / 2 year coolant change interval

• 1-Year "Package" Warranty--entire package

Nirvana "Total Air System" Offering

• Same features and scope of supply as the standard Nirvana offering.  In addition, the Nirvana "Total Air System" packages include:

• Constant pressure, dry, clean air delivered down stream--helps increase productivity and maximize energy savings

• "Cycling" refrigerated air dryer--mounted and piped, with dewpoint monitor

• Dual filters--general purpose and coalescing filter mounted and piped

• 3-Valve by-pass valve standard

• "Single Point" condensate drain system--compresssor, dryer, and filters all piped to 1 common electric drain valve

• Smart, integrated controls--compressor & dryer "auto start and stop" together as a common unit

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